Minutes of Meeting: Hyderabad 30 Dec 2014

On December 30, ‘We Are Against TCS Layoff’ supporters from TCS and other IT companies of the city met around 5 pm at Biodiversity Park, Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad.

A small introduction of all people was done first followed by an informal discussion about how TCSers were asked to relieve in inhumane manner without valid reasons. Many techies turn around in short while. An introduction about Young Tamil Nadu Movement and the significance of Forum for IT Employees were given by Vinod who came down from Chennai.

The meeting was attended by 40 people. Out of them, 30 were affected employees and 4 among them were women employees of TCS. Ten employees agreed to take up legal battle to fight for the justice. The participants of the meeting decided to carry forward e-petition campaign to achieve the target of one lakh signature in three weeks. After three weeks, a delegation from Hyderabad will also join the Forum for IT employees in Delhi to submit the petition to the Prime Minister, Union Ministers for IT and Labour welfare. All the participants joined the FITE and told that they will ask other friends also to join in the forum to unite and give voice against layoff and to restore the rights of IT employees. If the company does not respond to the campaign, the supporters have decided to take up the protest form in seeking their rights.

In the first week of December 2014, the media reported about TCS plans of ‘restructuring’ and it could affect 25,000 employees in the middle level category. Likewise the news about the terminations of senior experienced employees started across the country. In this backdrop, Young Tamil Nadu Movement, which was formed by IT professionals six years back, started campaigning against the lay-offs from last Monday (December 22, 2014). For the campaign, a Facebook page, “We are against TCS layoff,” was launched and attracted more than 6000 likes. The campaign also took in the form of pamphlets distribution and pasted stickers across OMR, Chennai.

On last Saturday (December 27), a closed room discussion between the affected TCS employees and the legal experts held in Chennai. About 40 IT employees including the affected employees and also those in support on the campaign participated in the discussion. Of them, 20 employees were affected and six among them were women. Legal experts advised to take up a legal battle against the TCS since the layoff was completely illegal. Some of participants in the meeting also agreed for legal proceedings. At the end of the meeting, four important decisions were taken –

  1. Launching an online petition addressing the PM, Labour Ministry, IT Ministry to intervene in the matter and immediately stop this massive job termination by TCS.
    2. Forming a network of IT employees to ensure job security.
    3. Challenging the terminations legally.
    4. Organizing public demonstrations against TCS job cuts by bringing in thousands of IT professionals

On Monday, (December 29, 2014), the Forum for IT Employees (FITE) was launched and addressed the media in the press meet in Chennai. An online petition was also launched in change.org site. The movement received calls in support of the campaign from all over India. A meeting with the affected TCS employees and supporters from other IT companies of various cities across India was planned. On the same day, a similar meeting held in Bengaluru by the forum. As part of the plan, the meeting held in Hyderabad on December 30, 2014.

Note: As part of Travel expense, Hydrabad TCSers funded Rs.3600.

Thank you Hydrabad TCSers.

31 – December –  2014