FITE’s New year message to all IT/ITES employees!

Dear IT’ians,

We have passed another year in our calendar. Each and everyone’s life would have witnessed a lot of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ like unceasing sea waves. The year 2014 was a mix of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ memories/events for ITians too.

We were more of individuals till last year. And we were less successful in raising our voice against the irregularities at our workplaces. We had bitter experience over job cuts viz., IBM, Bally Technologies, Yahoo, etc. and now massive one in TCS affecting 25000+ families.

All these miseries led to the formation of virtual network of IT Employees under one forum, FITE in the last week of 2014 to speak up for our welfare and rights. IT/ITES employees from Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Cochin, Kolkatta, New Delhi, and outside the country are enrolling into the forum as members. Introduction meetings are being conducted in these cities.

We just want to cite one scene from the famous film ‘Finding Nemo’. Nemo stepped into the fishing net and urged all the trapped fishes to ‘unite’ and swim downward simultaneously. And at the end, all got liberated – thanks to the splendid united effort. Yes, the keyword for success is ‘Unite’!

We should not forget that ‘Team Work’ is needed not only for the projects, but for our rights’ struggle too!

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Let’s Unite and speak out for our welfare and rights!
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Wishing you and your families, ‘A Happy and Successful New Year’! Let’s unite and make things happen!