Minutes of Meeting: Kochi 04 Jan 2015

One of the representative from the Forum for IT Employees(‪#‎FITE) met TCSers in Kochi in a meeting organized at Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi. Around 15 employees from TCS gathered for the discussion. Out of them, two employees have already got the termination letter and rest of them are added in the termination list. All the TCSers who gathered were ready to fight the issue legally.

The reason given by the HR head for giving the termination letter was that there is no suitable requirement for their experiences. Some of the employees have already met an MLA and tried to arrange a discussion with HR head. Though that did not happen, the HR Head, noticing the Facebook campaign, flex and also the call from MLA was reluctant to issue the relieving letter to the employees and postponed the meeting to next week.

The action items after the discussion are:
Organizing a demo with flier and flex (for We are against TCS Layoff campaign)
Arranging a lawyer to take legal proceedings forward
Promoting the e-petition campaign widely, across the globe
Organizing a press meet with ‪#‎TCS employees
TCSers who have gathered to register in FITE website as a member
Arranging a meeting with the State government representative
The support from the Kochi TCSers for the FITE was great, and they hung the flex in and around the Infopark (where the meeting was organized) supporting “We are Against ‪#‎TCSLayOff” and FITE, a day before the meeting.
Thanks for the great support, Kochi TCSers.

05 – January –  2015