Pune Chapter Update: 10 Jan 2015 – Part 1

In coordination with the F.I.T.E members, TCSers in different locations have met the Labour Commissioners of their respective State and have filed a petition with the labour commissioner against the TCS Layoff. There are plans to file a civil suit against TCS and there are also plans to mobilize a mass campaign about TCS layoff across the country and do protests to take the news to the public.

As a continuation of this country wide progress, F.I.T.E Pune chapter meets today(10 Jan 2015) 05:00PM @ Infosys Circle, opposite to LemonTree Hotel, Hinjewadi Phase 1, Hinjewadi Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park, Pune.

Let’s F.I.T.E Layoffs!!!

  • Wellwisher

    why don’t you guys protest in mumbai against TCS office of TCS result Day 15-Jan, All media would be there..

  • TCSer_Pune

    Please share the MoM of Pune meet.