Bengaluru: Human Chain Against TCS Layoffs by FITE

A human chain protest against TCS Layoffs was organized by us (F.I.T.E) yesterday evening (January 21, 2015 at 5:30 PM) at Whitefield, Bengaluru, demanding the intervention of the Central and State governments to stop TCS layoffs immediately. Around 45 employees working in various IT firms joined the protest, out of which nearly 15 were TCS employees – including recently terminated employees. Employees from IT companies other than TCS also participated to voice their discontent over the job terminations happening around them.

We campaigned in the social media against TCS Layoffs, and also distributed pamphlets in and around Whitefield to mobilise for the human chain organized yesterday. The main objective of the human chain is to bring awareness among the public and demanding TCS to stop the massive retrenchment activity. We received many calls supporting the human chain protest from IT employees, though everyone was not able to participate in the protest.

The members who participated in the human chain protest carried placards with slogans “We are against TCS Layoff” and demanding TCS to stop the unethical and illegal terminations. They also claimed TCS should revoke the terminations happened so far and reinstate the job for all the employees who were given pink slips. One of our demands was that TCS has to release a detailed report of ongoing job termination with correct numbers and explanation, as the numbers and information given by them regarding the retrenchment process is not correct.

FITE – Bengaluru Chapter , 22 Jan 2015

Photos from the spot:

  • Shaan

    All the best buddies..I am with you..lets together fight the injustice. I also request those who are working to take some time out and be a part of this movement..this for survival of all middle aged IT employee.Thanks a lot.

  • Kamesh

    Dear All,

    Fight this way is good and but below suggestion is effective as per my knowledge

    My suggestion is : Do massive resignations and encourage other people in
    resignation. So company will be in trouble with in 10 days. So this is
    Quick way.
    Like open a portal circulate for resignation and took a highest people interest .

    Then put a massive resignation. So.. Put this in NSE/BSE area.

    Collective people decision make more effective as we are in Democracy
    See the Magic in quicker way

    Note: Some manager say don’t leave by giving some onsite/h1 to hold the resources . See this is a chocolate for temperately