F.I.T.E. Poll # 02 – Appraisal Systems in IT/ITES Industry

Year End Appraisals – the phenomenon that is widely discussed among the IT/ITES Employees! Every company has their own appraisal mechanisms and ratings. All the employer call this as a “A Transparent & Fair Process”. But, what does the employees think about this industry wide practice?

F.I.T.E.’s second poll is aimed at this. All IT/ITES Employees are requested to vote their answers and spread this poll to your colleagues and friends working in other companies.

Note: Readers, who are other than IT/ITES industry, please refrain from voting. You can view the results of this poll by next Monday (08 Feb). Previous polls can be found here at http://fite.org.in/category/fite-polls/

You can also read our article on this subject:

BELL curve is nothing but a forced rating


What do you think, Is the existing appraisal system in IT/ITES industry fair enough and transparent?

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