F.I.T.E. Poll # 03 – Parameters that affect Annual Rating in IT/ITES Industry

According to our previous poll, more than 90% of the F.I.T.E. voters think that the appraisal systems that exist in IT/ITES industry are not ‘fair and transparent’. This week’s poll is aimed at the reasons that makes the appraisal process as ‘Unfair’ & ‘Non-Transparent’. Please chose the 2 most influencing parameters from the below options that (you think), affects the Appraisal of an employee.

First 3 parameters represent positive rating, while the remaining 3 will bring negative rating. You are allowed to chose 2 options.
Chose 1 option from the first 3 answers and chose 1 option from the remaining 3 options.

P.S.: Please provide your comments to improve the upcoming polls

What do you think, which is the most influencing parameter in the 'Year End Appraisal/Annual Rating' process?

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