Press Release – F.I.T.E Bengaluru Chapter

The impact of the Cauvery protests in Bengaluru is going severe day by day affecting livelihood adversely as curfew is implemented in most intensive areas. Buses, taxis and three-wheeler auto-rickshaws are also off the roads, while metro rail service has also been suspended. Shops, markets, malls, hotels, eateries and commercial establishments are observing an undeclared shutdown across the city due to fear of being attacked by protesters. Due to the increased risk for commuting to office/work place, most of the people are staying at home with trauma.
In view of the boiling tension across the city, several IT firms and BPOs advised their employees to work from homes, but not all the firms. Based on the recent news received from IT/BPO employees, we observe that few IT firms and BPOs are continuing the business as usual though the situation is not friendly for the employees to commute to the office. Forum for IT Employees demands ALL the IT/BPO firms to ensure the safety of employees first by providing Work from home or declaring holiday until the situation returns normality. The employees shouldn’t be forced to move to different locations in the name of Business Continuity Plans (BCP). Proper accommodation and safety should be provided to employees and also to their family members incases of unavoidable employee relocation.