Joint campaign against Cognizant Illegal Terminations

Forum For I.T Employees F.I.T.E, NDLF – IT Employees Wing, Knowledge Professionals Forum KPF against the ” illegal terminations” happening across the cities. We highly demand the Govt of India & all the State Governments to intervene to stop this illegal retrenchment.

Join hands! Raise your voice for fellow professionals…


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  • Shaurabh Singh

    I have friend who were given last bucket rating just because she was playing table tennis without permission and my another friend was given last bucket for raising late night ad-hoc cab. Seriously, as they did not have any issues to raise against their performance so they would give last bucket and put silly reasons to justify it. The business development team of Cognizant is not able to bring business and existing projects are moving out of Cognizant. Due to this poor programmers and other associates are facing the heat. HR management is worst. When they wanted to fire they will call you 10 times and send messages to call back when you wont pick up their phone. But when I had submitted my resignation and had doubts regarding my exit formalities they didnt even receive my call. Shame. I wont be surprised if Cognizant loses few more accounts to Accenture, Infosys etc. Good Luck


    Guys .. lets unite together and fight for justice…

  • Tomy

    Now Cognizant HR people are snatching ID card from the employee during discussion meeting called by the HR for the forced resignation of the emplyoee.How much inhuman and barbaric the company is !

  • Tirupati

    Hi this is Tirupatirao I have worked with capgemini more than 2 years and suddenly I got terminated from capgemini and I have not resigned and hr raises termination backend and capgemini has paid me 3 months salary Android​ how can I raise the compliant against them and my contact no is 8291661565 please help me.

  • Tirupati

    And also I have joined in Quess corporation and I worked there for 3 months and got terminated without any reason and Quess corporation has not paid single day salary how can I raise the complaint against them

  • Dhivyabharathi

    Its been 2 months now I’m joblessness. CTS is the worst company I have ever worked. HR team got the worst people in the world.My first project got ramp down and was assigned to 2nd one but the HR reversed my assignment and forcefully made me to resign the job just in 9 months. such a crucial organisation.