Tough phase in the life of I.T. Employees

As we all aware, this is one of the tough phase in the life of I.T. Employees where there is atleast single news in media about layoffs happening in one or the other IT companies in India.

Last month, Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) announced about its plan to cut the jobs of 6000+ I.T. professionals. Responding to that announcement, F.I.T.E – Forum for I.T. Employees has taken up the continuous campaign in the social media and also the street campaign against the illegal terminations by CTS.

Now, FITE had initiated the legal proceedings against Cognizant Technology Solutions for illegally retrenching the employees. Based on the experience and exposure we had in the campaign against TCS-massive-layoffs in 2014, FITE has met the Assistant District Commissioner of Labour department on 4th May 2017 in Chennai. Followed by that, F.I.T.E representatives has met the State commissioner of Labour Department, Tamil Nadu along with the CTS employees seeking action against the illegal terminations happening in CTS. We have submitted the petition to the Labour department to reinstate the retrenched employees and intervene in this matter of retrenchment happening at all the branches of CTS across Tamil Nadu.
Labour Commissioner of the State has responded positively and mentioned that more employees should come forward to complaint against any issues with the employer including layoffs. Now, the Labour department would enable the discussion with employer and FITE.

FITE requests all the I.T. employees to come forward and stand up together for any unethical practices.

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