Cognizant Management meets FITE & Layoff Employees in Chennai LC – Press Release


Following action by Hyderabad Labour Department, Labour Departent based in Chennai also had swung into action on the petition raised on CTS layoff issue. The first conciliation meeting on CTS layoff issue happened today in Chennai.

The meeting was presided by joint commissioner of labor, Mr.Ravishankar. Members and Representatives from FITE attended the meeting and explained the concerns of IT employees pertaining to the ongoing layoffs. Among those present on behalf of employees were, members and representatives of FITE & NDLF. FITE had been campaigning along with NDLF-IT wing (New Democratic Labor Front) and KPF (Knowledge Professionals Forum) since CTS layoff issue started.

CTS management was represented 4 people headed by Mr. Dharmaraj & Ms.Thenmozhi, AVP, HR Dept., Chennai.

FITE put forth the forced resignation issue faced by the affected employees and the manner in which their jobs had been threatened by the CTS management in the name of poor performance. CTS management reps refuted to the layoff claims and told to the JCL that, layoffs are not happening in CTS and forced resignation issues raised by employees are not true.

The supporting documents were submitted from our side regarding the issues faced by employees. Ms.Thenmozhi of CTS requested time to go through the documents and said if any mistakes from their side they will reconsider the terminations.

The JCL had called for second round of conciliation talks on 22 May 2017.

Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)

Vinod AJ

General Secretary