Cognizant Bench Management has collapsed!

Before the Cognizant’s forced terminations reports (starting from earlier this year), there used to be a strong bench resources/employees management system in Cognizant. When a resource moves to bench(when there is ramp-down or project closure), they will be properly intimated with details of next Point of Contact and reporting details. Then the employees will be tagged to different HRs based on their verticals (line of business). There used to be managers and other higher officials as well, for the bench management. The bench resources will be getting frequent communications regarding the latest openings and ramp-ups in projects of various facilities. The bench resource management was serving as a one stop solution for resources who moved to bench from the particular city(example: Whole Chennai will have one bench management system, so resources will get to know the requirements from all over Chennai).

From 2017, particularly after the reports of forced terminations at Cognizant, there is no proper bench management system at Cognizant. According to the reports we received from the employees, now they don’t receive proper communications and they don’t know even the point of contacts and whom to report and where to go! They don’t receive any details of the latest project openings. The bench management system and the portal are completely collapsed or shut down! This is shocking because considering the previous style of Cognizant bench management. This was totally unexpected for almost all the resources who know Cognizant and it’s style of managing resources. When employees tried to contact the HRs they didn’t receive proper answers. And this is happening for all resources irrespective of their last year appraisal rating.

This forces the employees to search for any openings from their known contacts. But this is virtually impossible for an employee to get a project on their own, because considering the multiple facilities and hundreds of projects across the city, one employee can never get details of all the project openings that are related to the employee.

As of now, we don’t know whether this virtual shut down of bench management is intentional or some sort of technical problem at Cognizant. But based on the reports we are receiving from the employees, it appears to be intentional and targeted to leave the bench employees helpless!

If you are a bench resource now at Cognizant, or recently faced a forced termination by Cognizant, please write your recent bench experiences to

F.I.T.E. strongly condemn this rude behavior of Cognizant management. It is the company’s responsibility to keep the employees informed about the project openings and place them into projects. Failure of which, to be considered as illegal. We will take this to the labour commissioner and discuss this issue in our next scheduled meeting on 24-May-2017 at Chennai labour commissioner office.

-Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)

  • hiprafoo

    I worked in small companies and then moved to CTS. I was happy when i got the offer. I throught it’s such a huge company, should be professionally managed

    When I got in, I couldnt beleive my eyes, they have the boot licking culture (Then why do they have the name as Cognizant??? :D)

    I have heard from other guys working there for a long time that once CTS management was very good, but now all changed, they act totally irresponsible

    They have seen too much growth, made lots and lots of money, they have forgotten humanity

    • Nikhs

      True. HR and managers are baselessly proving there wrong allegations deliberately . And this is more with “This year’s pressure to hire American employees or cut costs to make more gains”. Discriminations in project allocations and appraisals , categorically , have achieved their heights .

  • JaaneMatDoYaaron

    Cognizant is going to the dogs!! Cognizant management is looking at every person and putting so much pressure that everyone has to work 7 days a week and in spite of that they are not giving allocations. Instead HR is threatening to get inside any account in any role, or the discussion will be very difficult for you.