Cognizant Management 3rd meets FITE & Layoff Employees in Chennai LC – Press Release

Date: 24 May 24, 2017



Press Release

Labour Department had called for a follow up meeting between Cognizant and its employees   affected by termination process today, May 24, 2017.


Cognizant representatives had met the Labour Department Commissioner before the scheduled time and had just repeated same words, “No layoffs happened.” They had also left before the meeting started.


FITE Representative and around 20  employees from CTS, who were either terminated already or being forced to resign, attended today’s meeting. The employees explained their disputes to the Labour Department Commissioner.


Labour Department Commissioner clarified that all IT Sector employees come under the IT Disputes Act, and an organization cannot terminate employees without notice. She further detailed that employer must issue a Suo Moto followed by suspension and only then, they might dismiss or terminate the employees. Adding to that she said that employees need not resign the jobs if they are being threatened.


She also asked the employees who had already resigned to file 2A, and those who are under threaten could file 2K as a group. FITE will work with the employees and file the petitions as mentioned.


The letter of agreement on today’s discussion will be issued by the Labour Department on Friday (May 26, 2017).


It was a great meeting with the Chennai Labour Department Commissioner and we appreciate his support to the affected employees.




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