F.I.T.E thanks All India Bank Officers’ Confederation

We would like to acknowledge and thank the All India Bank Officers Confederation for the support they have expressed toward I.T workers during this difficult time. As we in the IT sector take collective action and fight for our welfare, we will sustain ties of solidarity between different worker associations. It is important to learn from mutual experiences and develop unity within and also between sectors. We agree with the points raised in the press note and we strive to ensure that employees do not pay the harsh price for changed business practices.  The government must intervene and protect the livelihood of workers. Together we need to push the government to support job creation, ensure job security and compel corporates to strictly follow regulatory frameworks.  We thank you for raising these points and extending support.

Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)


Thanks AIBOC, http://aiboc.org/


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