Tech Mahindra Employees & F.I.T.E files petition to Pune Labour Commissioner Today !

Date : 30 May 2017


Press Release

Tech Mahindra Employees & F.I.T.E files petition to Pune Labour Commissioner Today!

Layoffs has now become a common term among anyone working in Information Technology sectors. IT is viewed as one of the prestigious industries that helps anyone earn enough money to lead a decent life in cities. With that in mind, many people from various cities and rural areas studied hard and got a place in one or the other IT Company. Monthly salary has become livelihood for most of these people.

The profit motive of the I.T companies to replace the highly paid experienced Employees with lesser experience/ low paid new recruits is leading to illegal terminations. Each company carries it out differently quoting various reasons including employee’s performance, or streamlining to meet customer demands.

As you all aware that one of the IT giants, Tech Mahindra is illegally terminating thousands of employees by forcing them to submit resignation. It is not few thousands of employees who are affected, but thousands of families. These affected employees, from Tech Mahindra, are meeting the Labour Commissioner today to hand-over a petition demanding the Maharashtra State Government to intervene in the issue to safeguard the Employees’ rights.

We, F.I.T.E – Forum for I.T. Employees requesting you to send your news reporter to the location and cover the issue in your reputed media.

Elavarasan Raja

POC –Pune Chapter


  • madan N

    IT Companies must know, doing any commercial activities under Govt’s rules and laws is called business, and doing anything beyond these laws are called crimes. If they want to layoff staffs, they must follow VRS-Voluntary Retirement Scheme of government. All Indian companies follow this method to retrench their staffs when the business need compels them to downsize their employee strength. Why IT companies are feeling they are so exceptional on this matter ?

  • Manisha kumari

    Same is happening in mahindra comviva gurgaon and banglore


    So what about ones who have already forced to resign?