DTUC & CPML party officials removed from FITE organization.




Press Release

Dear Friends,

Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E) was launched on Dec 29 2014 when Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) was illegally terminating the employment of thousands of people.  “The forum was initiated with the understanding that we a need for a body which unites IT employees and represents the fight for our rights”.

We came to know by mid- 2016 that the then president of F.I.T.E, Ms.Parimala, had become a working committee member of DTUC, which is the union arm of a party called CPML – People Liberation. We suddenly realised that they were trying to secure our Forum on behalf of the party. We were shocked as these intentions were kept secret.

Soon after it came to our knowledge, we initiated several rounds of talks to resolve the issue amicably. We explained to CPML party members, Parimala, Balaji T, Bharathidasan N (Coimbatore) and their supporters Sathish M, Deepankumar, & Iniyavan that it was not appropriate for F.I.T.E to be a wing of their party and it would harm the future of F.I.T.E.  From the start, we have been constantly clear that F.I.T.E must remain an independent organization.

Ms. Parimala was adamant on running F.I.T.E under CPML People liberation party, which is not apt for our cause and also for the organisation. Since they remained focused on their agenda, Ms.Parimala, Mr. Balaji, Mr. Bharathidasan Mr. Sathish, Mr. Deepan Mr. Iniyavan were removed from the organization FEB 2017. They currently do not hold any position or membership in F.I.T.E.

Despite repeated warnings, they continue to misuse the F.I.T.E banner and claim to represent F.I.T.E in the media. We request the media to seek out only authorized voices to represent F.I.T.E’s point of view:

  • Vasumathi, +91- 9487495266 (President)
  • Vinod AJ, +91- 9489004259 (General Secretary)
  • Arunagiri, +91-9488627377 (Joint Secretary)

Further, F.I.T.E will not be responsible for their activities and also in financial matters.

We are committed to running F.I.T.E as a forum for IT professionals by IT professionals. Today the industry is going through a crisis and employees are paying a harsh price. Today, more than ever we need an organisation that is focused on representing our interests.

We ask for the continued support of IT employees, the media and allied social movements.

Ref Link : http://fite.org.in/2017/03/23/fite-announcement/


Thank you




Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)




  • Manisha kumari

    Same is doing mahindra comviva please intervene into the issue they are forecully telling people to resign