CTS, Tech Mahindra & Wipro Pune Techies, FITE & Employer’s discussion happened today at Pune LC for layoff disputes.

Date : 01.06.2017
Press Release
In the wake of the illegal terminations by major IT organizations in India, affected employees from CTS, TechM, and Wipro had filed petitions against their illegal terminations at the Labour Commissioner’s Office in various cities. Labour Commissioners had called for multiple meetings between the CTS Management and affected employees for reconciliation.
Following the meetings held at Chennai and Hyderabad, a meeting was organized by the Labour Commissioner at Pune between the CTS Management and affected employees. CTS was represented by HR Head, Talent Head, and their Legal Advisor. All seven employees who filed petition with Labour Commissioner at Pune attended the reconciliation meeting.
The Labour Commissioner told that they are aware of all happenings at CTS and advised them to maintain utmost transparency while communicating to employees. He also advised the CTS representatives to discuss with the affected employees who had submitted petitions and address their concerns.
Elavarasan Raja
Pune Chapter – F.I.T.E