Tech Mahindra Employees & F.I.T.E files petition to Bengaluru Labour Commissioner Today

Date : 01.06.2017





On 1st June 2017 two petitions were submitted to the Karnataka Labour Commissioner. A group petition by four Tech Mahindra employees and an individual petition against Wipro was handed over.  We requested that the group petition to be regarded as a 2K submission under the Industrial Disputes Act.


Employees present had been forced to resign and discussed their experience with the Labour Commissioner, Mr. Jannu. The Wipro employee presented the LC with documents that proved Wipro had accepted a resignation that he had never provided.


The meeting with the Labour Commissioner lasted for one hour and he asked detailed questions about the issues raised. FITE members and affected employees presented the following points:


1      Firms including Tech Mahindra are aggressively cutting costs and are inventing reasons to terminate employment.

2      Firms including Tech Mahindra are appeasing shareholders by targeting individuals who have 8-15 years of experience.

3      Employees are being harassed with phone calls from HR every day. HR is routinely forcing people to put in resignation letters.

4      Those being thrown out are not under-performers but are being labeled as such to make it easier to reduce headcount.

The Labour Commissioner was receptive and engaged with the issues. He promised to look in the matter and raise it with the relevant individuals and departments in the government.

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