FITE condemns Infosys management for not even paying homage to an employee who died on company premises.


Mr. Ilayaraja, a 32 year old employee, was found dead in mysterious circumstances in the dormitory inside Infosys- Mahindra World City campus, Chennai on Tuesday (30 May 2017) night. The employee’s family suspect it to be a murder.  Media reports cite housekeeping staff who speculate that he was probably  strangulated to death.  Ilayaraja had reported to work on Monday morning (29 May 2017) and had gone to the dormitory on same day night after work. But, he was found dead on Tuesday night in the dormitory bed. However, the management attempted to cover up the suspicious death and informed the victim’s family that he was sick and admitted to the hospital.


FITE condemns the Infosys management for covering up the death and giving misinformation to the victim’s family. The incident shows negligence of security procedures  in Infosys. FITE would like to remind all that Ms. Rasila Raju, an Infosys employee was brutally murdered inside the Infosys office in Pune in January this year. Security negligence still continues despite the management’s assurance to improve workplace safety.


Based on discussions with employees working in Infosys Mahindra world city, it is learnt that the management has merely sent an obituary note for the death of Ilayaraja but without any details. One employee said that “the mysterious death of one of our colleague inside the company premise is very disturbing too many of us. It’s a pity that there has not even been a two minute mourning to pay respect to one of our colleagues”.  IT employees are referred to as “resources” just like a computer or a printer is by the company.  We would like to assert that we are living, breathing human beings not just inputs for firms.


FITE condemns Infosys management for not even paying homage to an employee who died on company premises. The incident expose the inadequacy of safety measures inside the premises of Infosys where thousands of men and women employees work. It is the sole responsibility of the employer to ensure workplace safety to its employees. The government also shares the equal responsibility to ensure the appropriate safety and security measures are adopted by workplaces to safeguard its citizens.


The Forum for IT employees (FITE) representing the employees has put forth below demands:

To the Government of Tamil Nadu:

  • Immediately setup a judicial inquiry into the mysterious death of Ilayaraja
  • Conduct periodic inspection of all IT Company premises regarding the facilities and security options provided to the Employees and publish a white report on the same
  • Provide appropriate compensation to the deceased Ilayaraja’s family

To the Infosys Management:

  • Provide the right compensation to the family of Ilayaraja immediately
  • Offer a job to one of his family members at Infosys
  • Form the Employee’s safety council comprising employees and collect the level of Security & Safety needed for the Employee’s at the premises


Copies of this letter are being sent to:

  1. Infosys Corporate Head office, Banglore
  2. Infosys Board of Directors, Bangalore
  3. Chairman, Board of Directors, Bangalore
  4. N.R. Narayan Murthy (Founder, Infosys)
  5. Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister
  6. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister, Information Technology
  7. Honorable Governor Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala, Karnataka
  8. Honorable Governor C. Vidyasagar Rao, Tamil Nadu
  9. Honorable Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Karnataka
  10. Ms. Priyanka Kharge, Information Technology Minister, Karnataka
  11. Honorable Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami,  Tamil Nadu
  12. Dr. M. Manikandan, Information Technology, Minister, Tamil Nadu
  13. Dr Nilofer kafeel, Labour and Employment, Minister, Tamil Nadu
  14. Mr. Ajay Tyagi, Chairman, SEBI
  15. Mr. Raman Roy, Chairman, NASSCOM
  16. Commissioner of Labour, Tamil Nadu
  17. Commissioner of Labour, Karnataka



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