Small Victory on Wipro Bengaluru Layoff issue – Press Release

Date : 2 Jun 2017




On 1st June 2017 a Wipro employee reached out to F.I.T.E. For a month, he had been receiving phone calls from the human resources department. HR had been harassing him and demanding that he resign. He refused and asked them to terminate his employment and provide written communication. Despite his refusal to resign, he received a notification, which said his resignation had been received.

On 1St June F.I.T.E members accompanied him and others to the Karnataka Labour Commissioner’s office to hand over a petition and discuss illegal termination. The Labour Commissioner engaged with the group and listened to employee grievances. Following meeting, a press release was issued.

One June 2nd the employee received a seemingly automated email stating that his resignation (never submitted in the first place) had been withdrawn.

F.I.T.E would like to provide this as a successful example of collective action in the face of anti-employee, illegal behavior on part of IT companies.

We use this victory to make the following points:

  1. Companies are aware of the fact that they are behaving in an unjust and illegal fashion.
  2. Companies are worried about employees exposing these practices.
  3. Therefore, employees need to refuse to resign when harassed and unite to act collectively and safeguard their jobs.


We urge employees to speak out against coercion and take inspiration from this example of Wipro hastily back tracking from a decision.  We also urge the media to hold firms accountable and expose wrongdoing.

Thank you

Rajesh N

Bengaluru Chapter

Forum for I.T Employees (F.I.T.E)

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