FITE Representatives meet Karnataka IT Minister

Date : 05.06.2017


Press Release

The representatives of Forum for IT Employees(FITE) met the Honorable IT Minister of Karnataka, Mr.Priyank M. Kharge, in Bengaluru today at 2 PM to discuss the concerns of IT employees. As the IT organizations are keen to reduce the number of employees at mid-level, it had sent shock waves among all employees working in IT sector. F.I.T.E had already filed petitions at the Labour Departments at various locations demanding the intervention of Labour Department and the government to stop the illegal terminations across the country.


In cities like Bengaluru, IT sector is one of the main job industries and layoff or illegal termination or forced resignation means destroying livelihood of many families, and is not justifiable in any way.


F.I.T.E met the IT Minister today to explain the current situation and problems faced by employees due to the termination process. F.I.T.E has put forth below mentioned demands to ensure employees’ rights and welfare and to bring the corporate companies under the government scanner regarding the forced resignation / termination of employees without any valid reasons.


  1. The government should instruct companies to stop arbitrary layoffs, insist that the practice of forced resignations ends, and follow formal procedures and modes of communication.


  1. The government should strongly recommend that companies to focus on re-training and increase up-skilling efforts for its own employees, instead of laying off them.


  1. The government must set up an inquiry about the effect of layoffs on IT women employees. Women employees are easy targets to coerce into submitting resignations in this situation.


  1. The government must compel the IT companies to stop using under-performance as an excuse and make the appraisal process more transparent and scientific.


  1. The government must regulate working hours in the IT industry. Today, employees are under tremendous pressure and are working 12-14 hours a day.


  1.      Employees who face coercion, arbitrary terminations, unreasonable working hours or sexual harassment do not have adequate support from the law and the government. Hence, we demand that the exemption from the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act 1946 be revoked and not extended further.


We sincerely thank the Honorable IT Minister of Karnataka, Mr.Priyank M. Kharge, for his valuable time to discuss the issues with us. He has promised to look into the matter and provide his support as necessary.


Let us stand united and hope for the positive steps from the Karnataka government.


Rajesh N

Bangalore Chapter


Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)