FITE Chennai Press meet – Press Release

Date : 16 Jun 2017

Press Release

In December 2016, when one of the IT giants, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), started to layoff their employees Forum for IT Employees (FITE) was formed by Young Tamil Nadu Movement (YTM).

When Cognizant Solutions started illegal termination of its employees in this year, FITE vociferously campaigned against it. Other organizations including Wipro, Tech Mahindra , Capgemini, Infosys also joined the spree of terminating the employees. FITE extended its support to the affected employees and guided them for legal action under labour laws.

The number of petitions filed so far is detailed in the below.
Chennai  – Cognizant – 11
Hyderabad –  Cognizant & Tech Mahindra – 13
Pune – Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Vodofone, Syntel  –  47
Bengaluru – Tech Mahindra, Wipro – 9
Noida – Cognizant – 2
Mumbai – 2
Thane – 1

FITE is determined to fight against these forced resignations and illegal terminations legally. FITE teamed up with affected employees all over India and filed petitions under Industrial Disputes Act (2A and 2K), against the organizations who terminated employees without valid reasons. Around 85 employees who were either already terminated, forcefully resigned, or threatened filed cases to the respective city Labour Commissioner.
It’s a well-known fact that any case filed in court or its concerns in India will take a long time to provide its verdict. Even then 85 employees from IT sector has filed petitions against the illegal treatment they faced. This paves a way for others to understand the problems faced by the IT employees.
Every employee is working hard to meet and further improve the organization goals. But organizations are terminating them saying they are “non-performers” to increase their profit. FITE is organizing this press meet to bring out the hidden truth behind this and to talk about problems faced by the employees.
Though FITE is facing lot of problems like complications around job loss, employees who worry about their future after termination, employees’ doubts about getting a new job after filing cases in Labour Department, their bank loans, and those who are part of FITE is also IT employees who sacrifice their personal interests and time to organize activities and discussions, it is leading as an example successfully.

FITE does not only face threats from people like Mohandas Pai, who said, “Employees who go towards IT Union won’t get job,” but also from political parties like CPML (people liberation) who claims FITE as part of their group. But FITE never compromises when it comes to IT employees. The petitions filed against the IT organizations all over India under the name of FITE best displays its commitment.
We would like to clarify that FITE has no part and is not involved with the conferences organized by CPML party using FITE’s name on June 17, and June 18. We would like to reiterate that FITE doesn’t belong to any political party viz., CPML and determined to organize itself as an independent trade union of IT employees.
FITE has proved wrong the implications that IT employees will not come to the courts for legal battles, by organizing and filing cases to safeguard their rights. It is also taking steps to register FITE as union for IT Employees. FITE condemns Mohandas Pai for threatening employees joining unions, and CPML party finctionary Ms. Parimala for trying to register FITE by its sneaky activities. We acknowledge the changes U.S visa policies, and improved automation techniques, but at the same time we cannot accept organizations using this as a reason to get away with their illegal termination activities, to improve their profit margin.
IT organizations have their own union called NASSCOM to get benefits from the government. It is also reasonable that IT employees form a union to safeguard their job and voice for their rights. We do not agree that unions will affect the IT sector and employment.
FITE strongly believes that both employees and organizations have to work together to resolve the issues faced by IT sector. Termination of employees or forcing them to resign may temporarily increase the profit for the organizations, but is not a good approach in the long term aspect. We suggest the organizations and the government to consider that these kind of activities repel the young students who aspire to work in IT.
We request the Central and the State governments to stop the illegal termination of employees by organizations. And, we would like to thank our friendly movements and media who encourage and support through our work.

Supported Trade Unions

All India Bank Officers Confederation,
Lok Raj Sangathan,
Kamgar Ekta Committee,
Air India Service Engineers’ Association,
All India Bank Employees’ Association,
All India Guards’ Council,
All India Loco Running Staff Association,
All India Station Masters Association,
Ladaku Garment Mazdoor Sangh,
Mumbai Municipal Mazdoor Union,
Western Railway Motormen’s Association

Vinod AJ
General Secretary
+91- 9489004259
Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)

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