FITE stands with unfairly wrongfully terminated J.P Morgan Employee – Press Release

Date: 21.06.2017



Press Release


FITE stands with unfairly wrongfully terminated J.P Morgan Employee


Good Corporate Governance rests on ethical business behaviour of being fair and building integrity and faith among all its employees. It ensures application of sound business principles keeping in view the interest of welfare of employees, but time and again corporates have failed to do so and this is evidently portrayed from the case of our FITE member who was unfairly, wrongfully terminated from JP Morgan on June 8th, 2017.


This victim was subject to racial discrimination and harassment by his Manager based on his race and language, when the issue was taken to the Executive Director without even enquiring got a instant reply that he has spent more time with Manager in his previous organization than victim and so the victim’s complaint was not true and refused to listen. Post escalation things were moving even worse, harassment and retaliation continued for complaining to Executive Director.


Victim’s work was constantly appreciated by the company since May 2014 with continuous “Meets” and “High Meets” expectation ratings. Victim continued to perform his work in his usual manner to the company, giving no cause for complaints. In this situation as retaliation against victim’s complaint on racial discrimination against manager to ED, without even conducting goal setting meeting, mid-year and year-end employee accomplishment meetings victim was given a “Low Meets” expectation rating in year-end without providing adequate facts or explanation.


On Feb, 2017 victim raised a formal complaint through email to the Employee Relations team of JP Morgan on racial discrimination, unequal opportunities and rebuttal against his 2016 year-end rating stating it to be a retaliation act. While the investigation was in progress Employee was continued to be harassed, retaliated making the situation/environment hostile forcing the Employee to resign on his own. By April, 2017 Employee Relations dropped an email just mentioning in one word that the all the concerns in the complaint are unsubstantiated and dismissed without providing any explanations or reasons.


Employee continued to escalate to senior head in JP Morgan about the ER not providing explanation or reasons addressing the racial discrimination and other complaint nor providing any documented reply. Later, employee’s escalations emails were unprofessionally blocked from reaching seniors in backend without employee’s knowledge. Employee escalated post



discovering that his emails are being blocked from delivered to certain senior heads. Immediately after this escalation, on 26th May, 2017 victim was handed over with a PIP and forced to accept threatening to fire if not accepted. Employee accepted to take up the PIP mentioning that he has agreed under duress to avoid being unethically terminated but he is not a candidate meeting the PIP criteria.


The final blow came when employee was suspended on 5th Jun and terminated on 8th Jun, 2017 mentioning that his acceptance of PIP is not genuine without even giving him a chance to show an improvement or notice period even though the victims performance was good. Victim was not even allowed to drop an bye email/say bye in person to colleagues; access was disable without communication, suspended without justifiable reasons and asked to leave immediately like a criminal; his laptop lock was broken using a hacksaw blade in front of all his colleagues while employee was suspension for 2 days; thus he was humiliated and projected as a third rated criminal/culprit in front of his colleagues just for a single reason that he have accepted the PIP mentioning “under duress”. This was a pure form of retaliation against his racial discrimination and other complaints.


To put it across in a nut shell the employee has been terminated as a consequence of filing this harassment based on race and language. To give voice to his unfair wrongful termination, FITE has joined hands with him to fight this injustice and to bring to light the unethical corporate behavior. The FITE member cum JP Morgan employee had filed a 2A (Industrial Disputes Act) petition with the Labour Commissioner, here in Bengaluru on June 21st, 2017, asking for reinstatement his unfair wrongful termination. The victim along with FITE is waiting for response from the Labour Commissioner in respect to the further proceedings against this unethical behavior.



Rajesh N

Bengaluru Chapter


Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)


  • Kaustubha Gudi

    Another story similar to me. My case landed in Labour court now after conciliation with DLC2 failed in Bengaluru