CTS Syntel HTC Employees filed IDA 2A – Chennai Labour department

Date : 06.07.2017


Press Release

F.I.T.E (Forum for IT Employees) raised the flag when the IT organizations started forcing their employees to resign. The companies who initially announced that they were going to cut down their employee headcount have now backed up, as a result of continuous efforts and determination by F.I.T.E in getting employees’ rights and job back. Though IT organizations and their supporter, NASSCOM, claim that no terminations or layoffs happening, the support from employees proves otherwise.

As an evidence to the illegal terminations that is going on in the IT sector, few more affected employees file IDA 2A petition at the Labour Commissioner’s office on July 5th, 2017. Four employees from CTS, three from Syntel, and one employee who worked for HTC, submitted the petitions today. Two CTS employees had already file the petition to the Labour Department. Though the forced resignations and terminations slowed down by F.I.T.E’s tireless efforts, it’s still going on.

It is the rights of each employee to get their job back, and we assure that we will support the employees until there is an  exploitation and violation of Labour rights by employers.

We thank the Labour Department for their continuous support to get employees their rights. We also thank the press and media teams for their efforts that helped the issue to get the required importance.

Vinod A J

General Secretary

Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)

  • Sanu

    Now Cognizant has started a Farce called “Internal Job Fair”.No allocation yet.In interview when I asked for which project the interview is going on,the answer is ” we are just profiling,Will get back as per requirement”.Just to show others that they have given opportunities, they are conducting this farcical Job fair, then they will legitimise the termination.

    First they released people from project, blocked their resume for one month so that other can not consider them for allocation.Now they are asking to search project within 3 to 6 weeks.Amazing…..Is IT job a reliable job for even 15 years?Or it is just like an item song in the career?Big question.

  • Supratik

    Young generation must think seriously about coming to IT.They will suck your young age and kick you out when you are not in an age to try for government job.All in the name of performance,Resource Optimisation.That is why think 100 times before coming to IT PROFESSION.

  • Radha

    An employee’s 2 to 3 months of earning in dollar while in project compansetes his whole years CTC or annual package. Even after that they got terminated if they are on bench for 2 months.Amazing behaviour of Cognizant.

  • Renu

    Beware of this custom assessment test going to be conducted by Cognizant.Is it customized to fail the candidate and show them the exit door? Need attention to this trap.