F.I.T.E regrets for the loss of techie’s life.

Date : 13.07.2017


Press Release

F.I.T.E regrets for the loss of Techie’s life.

F.I.T.E. – Forum for I.T. Employees deeply regrets for the loss of Mr. Gopikrishna Durgaprasad. Our condolences to his family. Upon inquiring the reason for the untimely death, it was found that Mr. Gopikrishna was yet another victim of massive layoffs currently happening in the IT industry.
Whenever there is a discussion regarding the massive amount of layoffs, industry experts like Mr. Mohandas Pai shrugged off saying that there were no logical grounds for the claim. But in the recent light of events, this has been proved wrong and the suicide of Mr. Gopikrishna has established it.
F.I.T.E has reiterated several times that most of the IT employees working in metropolitan cities are migrants from rural and suburban areas. These layoffs do not only affect the employees, but also the livelihood of their families. It is high time that the government intervenes in this issue and come up with effective solutions so that employees’ lives are not at stake.
F.I.T.E demands for a proper inquiry on the untimely death of Mr. Gopikrishna and a reasonable compensation for his family.
Vimantal Police recovered the suicide victim’s PAN Card, Photograph, Voter ID and Suicide note from the spot and filed the case under CRPC 174.
Further investigation is started by the Police Department.
Suicide note

//”No one is responsible for my death.

I am scared that I may not look after my family.
Sorry guys, I am worried About future, As we are not that much strong. Love you all
Good bye
In IT there is no job security. I am worried a lot about my family.
Love you dad, mom, sis, bava and my family, all my best friends who are all part of my life.
Jai Hind.
Godha Gopikrishna Durgaprasad.”//
Elavarasan Raja
Pune/ Mumbai Coordinator
Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)
  • Rajasekar

    It is extremely sad that an intelligent and productive youth has lost his life by the threat of job loss. It has brought to focus on the unfair treatment of IT employees by IT companies focused on increasing their profits. Entire IT professionals, intellectuals and people of this country must wake up to the reality and take action to stop this unfair and cruel treatment to the hard working IT professionals. Instead of keep repeating what the spokes persons of the IT companies are saying, Central and state ministers and elected representatives of our country must realize the ground situation, intervene and stop further job losses. It defies the logic why would any company retrench/lay off or force its employees to ‘voluntarily’ resign, only to recruit a fresher in his place? These companies can not act against the nation’s interest and keep throwing out its productive assets after extracting maximum from them for the first few years! It is time that entire youth and learned people of India raise up and put an end to this unfair and unjust treatment to our IT professionals. No matter which field or sector of Industry we work, “An attack on one is an attack on all”.

  • Poonam Sharma

    This is too bad that IT Employees are not showing the guts to join this forum

  • Girija

    Very sad. This is a fear which every IT employee has. This should be addressed asap. Every employee knows technology changes and they do their best to upgrade themselves. At the same time, employer must support and they must realize that having experienced people makes difference. Companies wealth is known by the retaining employees long term. This does not mean IT employees need huge hike, they look for stable jobs as they also have a family to support. Performance should not be taken as a weapon to fire employees.

  • Prakash Kumar

    It is really very sad…. 🙁 IT Companies should take care of employee welfares rather than self growing and firing employees. Firing is not only the solution for increasing their GDP. The companies are growing like mountains and board of directors/stake holders are enjoying the profits by quarterly – yearly and all but employees are day by day financially going down along with job insecurity and insecurity in life also.
    One example would like to say you, I have got my monthly hike of Rs.700 based on my mid rating but my monthly rent increased Rs.1400. same situation might have happened for so many employees. Not only rent, consider the school fees, every year it is increasing. Yearly hikes are depending on manager rating who plays nice games on employee’s emotional life and carrier, If we work more than 10 hours per day for the successful releases, appraisal time manager’s common question is “what is your contribution to the company apart from your work? Do you have any value adds?” Is it not enough if we work for $50 to $100 per hour to the company?
    I believe, the existence of FITE is really helpful for the employees and it can solve the IT employees problems and save IT Engineers life & their families. We all as a unity should support and give our shoulder to the FITE’s future fights against unfair employment terminations and mental tortures.