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Many of us are aware about the ongoing forced resignations, downsizing, layoffs in IT industry. As a result hundreds of IT employees and their families have been getting affected. Have you ever wondered if we, the IT employees, can overturn the big corporate decision on downsizing/ layoffs/forced resignation? Is it a mere daydream?


Many of us think or imagine or assume that corporate decisions cannot be changed especially the decisions made on layoff. Yes, it is partially true. Individuals or individual fights cannot be the struggling force to change the corporate layoff policy, but a collective fight can accomplish that. The Forum of IT Employees (FITE) has achieved this.


FITE had gathered all the individuals who were victims of layoffs in CTS and other companies. FITE then formed them as groups, educated these groups about the demerits of being individuals and also informed them with help of legal experts about employees rights provisioned in the Indian labour law against unjustifiable and indiscriminate layoffs.These groups emerged as various teams. These teams became part of FITE, and with continuous and focussed joint effort across various cities successfully, stopped the layoff at CTS.


When FITE was formed and  emerged  during the campaign against TCS layoff in 2014, there was scepticism if big corporates would so much as acknowledge FITE. This sentiment did not demotivate FITE. Now, CEOs of top companies are directly responding to the campaigns done by FITE. This is not an individual effort, rather it is the collective voice of hundreds of IT/ITES employees. FITE’s meticulous and sincere efforts have paid off. But How?


FITE has successfully stopped the layoff at CTS. Continuous pressure on CTS employees for (forced) resignation has been completely stopped. CTS is reinstating Internal Job Fair(IJF) to the employees who were forced to resign. FITE is very carefully observing how this new process ‘IJF’ is going to be implemented on ground. Again, this new process should not be the alternative way to force employees to resign.


It is very much evident that only collective effort of CTS employees succeeded in this policy change after approaching the labour departments, legal experts and government officers and social media.


Only CTS?


All of us might remember the audio that got circulated in the social media – Tech Mahindra HR forcing an employee to resign on the same day without any ethics or humanity. In the audio clip the Employee could be heard requesting for a week’s time to decide on this. But, HR was rude and threatens the employee to resign serving an ultimatum that or else the employee would be terminated. FITE took up this issue and succeeded in making this audio go viral in all the social media as this is the proof that these IT companies are doing layoff for cost-optimisation. Note: before this audio viral, IT companies and NASSCOM were pretending that this is part of annual appraisal process, now this is exposed for having better profit.


Once the audio clip had gone viral, Mr Anand Mahindra, Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra group had apologized over employees sacking. Though the mere apology is not a justice to the unfair HR practice, we should realize this apology is the result of the collective effort all the FITEians and other IT employees.


Any other success?


The very first campaign of FITE itself was a tremendous success. The very first massive layoff in the history of IT industry happened in 2014 in TCS. Worst one. Since this was the first campaign, FITE was in the process of learning while campaigning against this. It tested and realized the power of social media. Volunteers from FITE-chennai travelled to all over India, organized the victims and educated them to file legal suits in their own cities. How many of us know that FITE had organized a bike-campaign from Siruseri to Tidel Park. TCS management had to move the employees back to respective project from bench.


FITE’s success has proved that if employees stand up together we can construct an employee friendly workforce in the IT industry. This is the only way to protect the IT industry for the next generation.


Forum for IT Employees continues to work for the benefit of IT/ITES employees and invites the IT/ITES employees to join hands with us to make it a success.


Join FITE. Protect your rights.



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Join FITE. Protect your right.

Vasumathi R


Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)


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