FITE Maharashtra Met with Hon’ble Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Shri. Shrikanth Bharatiya together with Shri. Sambhaji Patil on July 29, July 2017

FITE Maharashtra Met with Hon’ble Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Shri. Shrikanth Bharatiya together with  Shri. Sambhaji Patil on July 29, July 2017.



F.I.T.E. coordinators together with supporters from Pune / Mumbai location meet in person with

Hon’ble Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Shri. Sambhaji Patil, Skill Development In Industry &

Labour Minister on July 29, 2017 at Mumbai, Maharashtra, as advised by OSD Shri. Shrikanth



As directed by OSD Shri. Shrikanth Bharatiya in the previous meet held on July 24th 2017, we handed

over details of 25+ impacted employees with their respective organization names and procedure

which followed at the time of layoff/retrenchment along with demand letter to Hon’ble Chief



FITE members also detailed to Hon’ble Chief Minister about unethical acts of retrenchment, illegal

terminations and forced resignation etc. in IT industry, also acquaint with mental harassment of the

employees were confined in meeting rooms for long hours without access to computer, even their

mobile and even denied for bio calls until they sign resignation papers. Forum also highlighted the

after effects of these layoffs on impacted employees which were resulted in suicide in recent times

across the cities.


The ministers’ were shocked to hear the modus operandi of the IT companies where they flouted

protocols and laws.


Further Hon’ble Chief Minister assured to investigate into the matter and our request to set up a

committee has been taken into account.


Labour Minister Shri Sambhaji Patil will be helping with setting up the committee under the

guidance of Hon’ble Chief Minister and Shri. Shrikanth Bharatiya.


F.I.T.E. thanks Hon’ble Chief Minister and others for taking out time of their busy schedule to listen

our issues and we hope that this kindness and cooperation will remain continue in the future.



Elavarasan Raja


F.I.T.E Maharashtra 

  • rajkumar

    Employees from DXC technologies in India (specifically Employees from CSC – A part of DXC ) were asked to resign forcefully. This is an on going process right from April. As of now most of the employees who have been cornered for resignation was provided with one or two months settlement and were mouth shut. But this is not going to be the case any more and I may be the first person going to file the petition in court against this illegal action. I have been tipped with information that I will be in coming resource reduction list. Friends in this forum help me what to do next and how to proceed with in this situation.