IT Employees to wear black against NEET (Wednesday, 13 September, 2017)

IT Employees to wear black against NEET  (Wednesday, 13 September, 2017)


The tragic death of medical course aspirant Ariyalur Anitha had added fire to the ongoing protest against NEET in Tamil Nadu. The NEET protest gained momentum and spreading across the various spectrums of society from medical students, doctors, law students, engineering students, Arts college students, artists, scholars, political organizations and rights activists. As the protest spreads to school students, the Tamil Nadu State police started oppressing the protestors by intimidation, detention, threatening their parents and denying the permission to hold demonstration against NEET in Tamil Nadu.


IT professionals have also joined this protest by organizing the Candle Light Vigil with the guidance of Forum for I.T. Employees and it was presided by Vasumathi, President, FITE – Tamil Nadu on 6 th September, 2017. Next, IT Employees from DLF IT Park, Chennai have organized a Candle Light Vigil for Anitha on 8 th September, 2017 but the Government of Tamil Nadu which failed to get the exemption from NEET entrance exam have deployed around 10 patrol vehicles with more than 100 policemen in front of DLF IT Park. Tamil Nadu police have intimated all the IT companies in DLF to send a warning message to employees.


When the IT Employees headed by FITE General Secretary Vinod started distributing the pamphlets against NEET Entrance exam, the police have snatched the pamphlets from them. In addition, the police have taken Vinod and a Women IT Employee without intimating anyone present there. Later, we found that they have been detained at Nandambakkam Police Station.


When a team from FITE went to meet Vinod, the police sub-Inspector have also detained Vasumathi and started advising about NEET. The police sub-Inspector have taken the mobile phone from them, checked phone contacts, and WhatsApp messages rudely. FITE highly condemns this atrocious behavior of the police against the IT employees standing up in support of students protest against NEET.


With the current scenario in Tamil Nadu, we (IT Employees) stand by in solidarity with students protesting against the NEET for medical course admission and request all the IT Employees to go black tomorrow (Wednesday, 13 September, 2017).

Let us wear a black and show our support to the students with the following demands,


* Justice for Anitha’s death

* Exempt Tamilnadu from NEET exam permanently

* Bring back Education portfolio from concurrent list to the State list.


Please take a selfie in a black attire and send it Forum for I.T Employees with the hashtag #GoBlackOnWednesday #BanNEET




Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E)