9 Tech Mahindra employees filed case on Labour Court today

Press Release


Date: 30th October 2017


To ensure IT employees’ rights are preserved and we get justice against the recent mass layoffs, FITE is putting a strong fight against these IT giants. As we know already, many employees are affected by the layoff strategy have filed petitions against their illegal terminations from their job. With guidance and support from FITE.


In some cases, representatives from the organizations tried to reconcile the differences with the affected employees in the meetings organized at the Labour Commissioner Office, whereas in most of the cases those efforts are failed. The employees whose reconciliation efforts had failed are moving to the Labour Court in order to get justice they deserve.


Vakalathnama and Statement of Claim had been filed today for 9 Tech Mahindra employees in the Labour Court, after reconciliation efforts over their petition at the Labour Commissioner Office had failed.



The demands in the Statement of Claim are as follows:-


  1. The employees should be reinstated with their job.
  2. The employees should get the back wages paid, from the date of termination.
  3. Interim relief until thier case is closed.


The cases are handled by Advocate Mr. Anoop Awasthi (ex Navy) with guidance from FITE. The next hearing of these cases is scheduled on 4th December 2017.


There are 8 more Tech Mahindra employees’ petitions were failed reconciliation on 26th October 2017 and those are likely to move to the Labour Court soon.



Elavarasan Raja

General Secretary

Forum for IT Employees

(F.I.T.E) – Maharashtra