Cognizant Employees Confession (About Layoff)

Cognizant is an American multinational corporation that provides IT services, including digital, technology, consulting, and operations services. It is headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States. It has a work force of  2, 00, 000 plus employees around the globe with huge presence based out of Chennai

Cognizant has been doing the rounds in stock exchange as it has projected good 3rd quarter results , but it’s policies of mass layoffs and retrenchment has not ended citing the results of strategic decision to please it’s investor in Eliot seems to be wanting and inadequate. Cognizant had planned a whooping layoff of more than 20, 000 plus associates but the timely intervention and agitation from Forum for Information Technologies (FITE) who has been standing against the mass layoffs and supporting the common needs and cause of ordinary and impacted Information Technology associates has ensured that Cognizant could layoff only half the number that was originally planned by them. The option from Cognizant management was to give Met some (MS) rating to associates and then by not giving them allocation towards the project for a brief period ask them to leave. They were pretty successful in reducing the count of associates by 10,000 and by doing so, clearly demarcated the entire layoff strategy of associates in to three phases with each phase named as Wave 1 to 3. By the time Wave 3 listed associates were about to be terminated. FITE and other trade unions like NDLF pitched in and saved the grace of associates who were party to the layoff lists.

The options given to the associates identified as part of this layoff process were the following

1. Resign from the job; serve two months of paid notice and leave

2. Resign with immediate effect and handing of 4 months’ salary with the Last Working Day being the same week

Many of the senior and junior aspiring and passionate  associates with high dreams and from below average family background were forced to leave the organization or shown the door when the retrenchment was happening for the third wave resources identified , FITE stepped in and stopped the retrenchment abruptly creating huge noise and agitations across Pan India. Specific cases were discussed in social media and in courts. Media took this subject towards open discussion and debate and the mass layoff was virtually stopped, however the news died and nothing was brought to the limelight till recently yet again in Oct and Nov 2017

Another six months of (Apr-June 2017) passed and this time around and In Oct –Nov , HR’s of cognizant decided to send the remaining left out folks with MS rating packing with options, No opportunity were given in projects for the selected associates in the interim awaiting internal placements from Apr to Oct .From the start of Oct 2017 ,HR’s are calling one associate after another who has been in available pool towards a discussion and are handing out the following two options which interest’s only Cognizant management

1. Resign with immediate effect and serve two months of paid notice.

2. Resign with immediate effect with 2 month of advance salary paid and subsequent movement of employment from Cognizant to 4 month contract employment with Quess Corp from November end which is never heard or unknown

While cognizant was not able to find out opportunities for the affected or impacted employees because of bad policy making and decisions for the last several months , how can a consultancy like Quess Corporation be able to give opportunities with in 4 month’s window needs to be seen or will be answered over a period of time

Associates have till date not signed any kind of  joining forms and has been  threatened of dire consequences by Cognizant HR’s if they do not sign the forms they bring in at the time of discussions. This concept of monopoly by the HR’s of corporate not limited to Cognizant, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Syntel, Infosys and Wipro has been doing rounds since ages in the Information Technology industry .This is the right time to put our hands together against these corporate mafias for a hard stop .These guys needs to have a hard learning which I believe should not be repeated to the next generation of fresher’s and lateral hires who want to make it big in the IT industry

Lets join hands against the corrupt and criminal practices and policies of Information Technology companies were there is no value for Human and were thousands are feared jobless and wanted for years now.


Anonymous confession from a Cognizant Employee.

( Published as we received from the Employee)

FITE Note:

FITE would continue to work on the legal grounds and fight against the layoff in any form. Also, we (FITE) would urge the Employees from IT sector to unite and make their grievances hear by Government of India and respective state government.

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    This is more or less the story in all the IT companies, but no body is willing to bell these monsters!!!