Press Release about Forum for IT Employees registration issue

Date: 22.11.2017


Press Release


Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E) was launched on Dec 29 2014 when Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) was illegally terminating the employment of thousands of people.  “The forum was initiated with the understanding that we a need for a body which unites IT employees and represents the fight for our rights”.

We came to know by mid- 2016 that the then president of F.I.T.E, Ms. Parimala, had become a working committee member of DTUC, which is the union arm of a party called CPML – People Liberation. We suddenly realised that they were trying to secure our Forum on behalf of the party. We were shocked, as these intentions were kept secret.

Soon after it came to our knowledge, we initiated several rounds of talks to resolve the issue amicably. We explained to CPML party members, Parimala, Balaji T, Bharathidasan N (Coimbatore) and their supporters Sathish M, Deepankumar, & Iniyavan that it was not appropriate for F.I.T.E to be a wing of their party, it would harm the future of F.I.T.E. Followed by the decision of the FITE Executive committee, Parimala, Sathiesh, and their supporters were expelled from FITE. Though they were trying to create a social media accounts and website in the name of FITE, they were not able to successful since the groundwork we did among the Employees increased day by day across the states Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, and Delhi.

Below table shows the disputes filed against the layoffs happened in the various organizations across the country,

In most of the industries, team members does all the hard work to complete the project, finally the manager gets the entire credit. In IT, this is only happening. When it gets to IT/ITes Union also, still the same concept gets carried away.


Yes, we did the work of supporting IT/ITes employees in Tamilnadu and all over India.

You might be aware that,


  1. We have given police complaint (FIR 1638 & 1639 date 16/7/2017),
  2. Raised dispute to Deputy Commissioner of Labour (Register of Trade Union) (MOLBR/E/2017/04491)
  3. Filed case in Chennai Civil Court (51493/2017) as the ex-members looted our documents and given for registration which is illegal and unethical and they didn’t follow our Union by-laws and Trade Union Act.


Still the dispute is going on with all these platforms, so the registration in the name of Forum for IT Employees – Tamil Nadu is invalid and we have legal supporting documents on this. They are just doing this to hijack the work and reputation of FITE.

Though the registration of FITE by some bogus people is shocking to us, we firmly believe that The hard work we put on to safeguard the Employees’ livelihood would continue. Also, when it is possible to steal the hard efforts of a group legally, it is also possible to break that in the same legal manner.

We will resolve this dispute soon and register our Union FITE in Chennai, as we already started processing registration in many States in India. We will complete that soon and will continue our All India activities among IT and ITES employees.

We would like to thank all the IT/ITES Employees who are standing by us and the media for lending their continuous support in our struggle to safeguard the jobs of IT Employees.


All India Forum for IT Employees Committee

Vasumathi, President – Tamil Nadu 9487485266

Vinod, General Secretary – Tamil Nadu 9489004259

Pavanjith, President – Maharashtra 8380833888

Elavarasan Raja, General Secretary – Maharashtra 9600155722

Rajesh, Coordinator – Karnataka 9986388678

C Vinod Kumar, Coordinator – Telangana & Andhra Pradesh 8977077977

Padmaja, Coordinator – Delhi & NCR Region 8600144888


Ms. Parimala, Senthilkumar on CPML People Liberation Party meeting.