Urgent Press Release to all Media and Press – 22/11/2017 – 11AM

Urgent Press Release to all Media and Press – 22/11/2017 – 11AM
Dear Madam/Sir,
We heard that there is a press meet in the name Forum for IT Employees FITE – Tamil Nadu and mentioned as registered in Chennai. This news was from a outsider of Forum Forum for IT Employees – FITE and we have raised the dispute on this registration and the process is yet to complete. This is to inform you that today press meet is not organized by us.
You might be aware that we have given police complaint (FIR 1638 & 1639 date 16/7/2017), raised dispute to Deputy Commissioner of Labour (Register of Trade Union) (MOLBR/E/2017/04491) and City Civil Court (51493/2017) as the ex members looted our documents and given for registration which should is illegal and unethical and they didn’t follow our Union by-laws and Trade Union Act. Still the dispute is going on with all these platforms, so the registration in the name of Forum for IT Employees – Tamil Nadu is invalid and we have legal supporting documents on this. They are just doing this to hijack the work and reputation of FITE.
We have given a detailed press meet on our on going activities and this dispute with expelled members Parimala, Balaji, Sathish Kumar, Deepan Kumar, Bharathidhasan and Iniyavan in the month of June 2017(news came in Business Line and Business Standard). In these period of 8 months after we removed these members by February (decided in Executive Committee and given press release), we have reached more than 10 thousands employees and raised more than 500 complaints with affected IT Employees under Industrial Dispute Act across India. These bogus people with another never involved in any one of such issues and concentrated only to register and use our name and platform of FITE.
We will resolve this dispute soon and register our Union FITE in Chennai and we already started processing registration in many States in India. We will complete that soon and will continue our All India activities among IT and ITES employees.
We will give press release on this today and meet the press and media soon. Thanks for your understanding this is due and keep supporting our activities. This is to inform you that today press meet is not by Forum for IT Employees – Tamil Nadu.
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– Vasumathi
– Vinod AJ
General Secretary
Forum for IT Employees – FITE
Any queries reach us thru +919487485266 & +919489004259