BELL curve is nothing but a forced rating

A patient is asking the doctor about the disease she/he is suffering with, doctor replied there could be plenty of reasons and it is confidential and should not be disclosed to you. Sounds crazy? Friends, this is not anyone’s imagination, this is just happening in and around your workplace. Yes,… Continue reading

DELHI, HYD, KOLKATA updates for 16,17 Jan 2015

F.I.T.E. Delhi Chapter Update: Protest against illegal & unjust termination by TCS! Place – Jantar Mantar, Delhi Date – 16 Jan 2015 | Time – 01:00 PM Contact – 09311612407 F.I.T.E. Hyderabad Chapter Update: Similar to the legal proceedings that led to our first victory against TCS Layoff in Chennai, the… Continue reading

FITE Bengaluru Chapter Update: 12-Jan-2015

In the meeting with the TCS employees and members at Bengaluru on January 10, 2015, the Forum for IT Employees (FITE) decided to submit a petition to the Labour Commissioner, requesting investigation and to stop TCS ‘layoffs’ (retrenchment). The petition requesting an immediate intervention of the Labour Commissioner Office to stop… Continue reading

Madras HC stays(interim) TCS to terminate a women employee(a FITE Member); A ray of hope for many

 Not only for employment, but also for self-respect and justice  “I can’t accept the label of non-performer. I’ll fight legally against the TCS management, my self-respect is at stake, said one of the TCS employee and a determined member of FITE, Ms. Priya ( name changed). A dispute was raised… Continue reading

Fact Finding on termination of employment in TCS – 13 Jan 2015 at Chennai

Fact Finding on termination of employment in TCS and broader labour implications 13 Jan 2015, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM @ Chennai Panel Members: Dr. Vijay Baskar, Assistant Professor of Economics, MIDS Dr. Suresh Babu,Assistant Professor of Economics, IIT Ms. Chandrika Radhakrishnan, Software Professional and Labour Rights Activist Mr. BRP.… Continue reading