Hyderabad Chapter Update : 07 Jan 2015

Filing petition with the Commissionar of Labour Department against TCS LayOff Venue: Samkshema Bhavan, RTC ‘X’roads (behind Sudharsan theatre), Chikkadpally, Hyderabad-20 Time: 11:00AM Date : 07.01.2015 Contact: Vinoth(+919489004259, +919941906390) Update: The F.I.T.E team met with legal advisor in Hyderabad on monday(05 Jan 2015) followed by a meeting with Deputy Labour… Continue reading

F.I.T.E Hyderabad Chapter Update: 05 Jan 2015

FITE members, Nazar, Sathish and Vinodh reached Hyderabad to meet the legal advisor with the terminated TCS employees today morning. The legal advisor mentioned that the IT companies got exemption many of the labour laws(very specific on the article 47-1,2,3) on termination of employees. So, the legal advisor asked us… Continue reading

We, IT/ITES employees are part of the International society!

When the employees of railways protest, the entire rail commuters get affected. All the residents get affected if the Electricity Board announces strike and suspends electricity. When they unite and protest, the civilians are affected and so the government is inclined to intervene and investigate. Now, consider the occupational life… Continue reading