Joint campaign against Cognizant Illegal Terminations

Forum For I.T Employees F.I.T.E, NDLF – IT Employees Wing, Knowledge Professionals Forum KPF against the ” illegal terminations” happening across the cities. We highly demand the Govt of India & all the State Governments to intervene to stop this illegal retrenchment. Join hands! Raise your voice for fellow professionals…… Continue reading

Industrial Disputes Act (ID Act) & IT Employees Rights

Now, the scariest thing for an IT employee is getting a call from the HR. It does not matter why the HR was looking for you; immediately, your thoughts would race to the recent news about CTS planning to layoff 6000 of its employees; then your mind would think about… Continue reading

Stop the illegal termination of Cognizant Employee’s

  As a collective of IT Employees, “Forum for I.T. Employees” demands the Government of India which vouches more on development to intervene in this matter without any delay further. We demand, Stop the illegal termination of Cognizant Employee’s with immediate effect. Reinstate all the affected employees Restore the normalcy… Continue reading

FITE Announcement

  Dear Friends, We hear some announcements in the name of FITE (Forum For IT Employees). We would like to emphasis that this website is the only official page of Organisation.  Any other announcement in the name of FITE with different contact details, Website  email id’s & Facebook Pages are… Continue reading

International Working Women’s Day – Safety is our right. Not our privilege

Our Respectful IT Friends, To work in a safe and secure environment is the right of every single working women. To ensure the safety of women in the workplace is the responsibility of every employer. As Per Sexual Harassment on Women at Workplaces (Prevention, Prohibition, Redressal) Act, 2013 few of… Continue reading

Justice For Rasila! IT Employees Gathering

Dear Friends, Rasila Raju, 26 year old woman employee of Infosys, Pune branch was found murdered in her company’s conference room on Sunday night. This has once again brought to focus what safety our employees, especially women employees experience at workplaces. To ensure justice for Rasila is settled and to… Continue reading

Justice For Rasila. Online petition from Forum for IT Employees – F.I.T.E

Rasila Raju,aged 26, a systems engineer, from Kerala, was found dead at the Infosys office in Pune on 29 Jan 2017 Sunday around 10PM. She had been strangled with a computer cable, by a security guard, while she was working on her day off. This recent murder has once again… Continue reading

F.I.T.E petition urging Central & State Governments to implement 6 months of Maternity Leave in Private Sector

The Union Government of India had tabled amendments to Maternity Benefits Act 1961 bill in the Parliament. But the bill is still pending and is yet to be passed as law. We at Forum for IT Employees have analysed the bill in this petition and we are urging the… Continue reading

Press Release – F.I.T.E Bengaluru Chapter

The impact of the Cauvery protests in Bengaluru is going severe day by day affecting livelihood adversely as curfew is implemented in most intensive areas. Buses, taxis and three-wheeler auto-rickshaws are also off the roads, while metro rail service has also been suspended. Shops, markets, malls, hotels, eateries and commercial… Continue reading

F.I.T.E – Press Release – Full Support and Solidarity to Country Wide Strike on September 2nd 2016

As a symbol of collective resistance, September 2nd 2016 will see crores of workers in India hitting the streets protesting various anti-labour measures undertaken by the Government of India headed by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Same day last year, an estimated 15 crore workers participated in the strike and showed… Continue reading