FITE Bengaluru Chapter Update: 12-Jan-2015

In the meeting with the TCS employees and members at Bengaluru on January 10, 2015, the Forum for IT Employees (FITE) decided to submit a petition to the Labour Commissioner, requesting investigation and to stop TCS ‘layoffs’ (retrenchment). The petition requesting an immediate intervention of the Labour Commissioner Office to stop… Continue reading

It’s a Success so far, let’s make it BIG together!

In the second week of December 2014, the business newspapers and magazines published news about TCS plans of ‘restructuring’ and ‘workforce optimization’ which could affect some 25000 senior employees. The news media were more emphasizing about TCS hiring of 55000 in upcoming fiscal year. Few quoted “some 25000+ senior employees… Continue reading

F.I.T.E Hyderabad Chapter Update: 05 Jan 2015

FITE members, Nazar, Sathish and Vinodh reached Hyderabad to meet the legal advisor with the terminated TCS employees today morning. The legal advisor mentioned that the IT companies got exemption many of the labour laws(very specific on the article 47-1,2,3) on termination of employees. So, the legal advisor asked us… Continue reading