FITE Chennai Press meet – Press Release

Date : 16 Jun 2017 Chennai Press Release In December 2016, when one of the IT giants, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), started to layoff their employees Forum for IT Employees (FITE) was formed by Young Tamil Nadu Movement (YTM). When Cognizant Solutions started illegal termination of its employees in this… Continue reading

Joint campaign against Cognizant Illegal Terminations

Forum For I.T Employees F.I.T.E, NDLF – IT Employees Wing, Knowledge Professionals Forum KPF against the ” illegal terminations” happening across the cities. We highly demand the Govt of India & all the State Governments to intervene to stop this illegal retrenchment. Join hands! Raise your voice for fellow professionals…… Continue reading

Industrial Disputes Act (ID Act) & IT Employees Rights

Now, the scariest thing for an IT employee is getting a call from the HR. It does not matter why the HR was looking for you; immediately, your thoughts would race to the recent news about CTS planning to layoff 6000 of its employees; then your mind would think about… Continue reading

Terrifying appraisal in __S

After having worked/spent/lived in IT sector for around 10 years, this is my prediction on how the internal-fighting would occur in __S over survival of employees after laying off the employees who are characterized as average performers using a illogical appraisal process. And, this is not to hurt any employees,… Continue reading

F.I.T.E. Survey for IT/ITES Women Employees

Hello ITians, Last week we missed to publish our weekly poll! Sorry for that! But, this week we have come up with a survey, exclusively for women IT/ITES employees. On March 6, Forum for IT Employees will conduct events to celebrate the “INTERNATIONAL WORKING WOMEN’S DAY“! (Note: It is not… Continue reading

Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Milku Milkay…

“Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Milku Milkay…  Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Milku Milkay…  Aei… Hotu Milku… Coldu Milku… Tonedu Milku… Skimmedu Milku…  All types of Milku here… Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Milku Milkay…” Bendhra, the Milkman was on the road singing and selling his Milku Dabbas. The Milku Dabbas are packed… Continue reading

More layoffs on cards; Altisource follows TCS

As the dust around the TCS layoffs refuse to settle down, there are reports that another software company Altisource are firing its employees working in Electronic City Bengaluru. However there is no official statement from Altisource on this firing and the reason behind the same. FITE contacted an employee from… Continue reading